The Burn​-​out Blues

from by Shaman Jones

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People dance around
make a mockery
of life, then they die
like a microcosm of their whole species
Overlooking the purpose
of necessity
from the middle of a nebula
all you can see outwardly is peace

This should be considered murder
the way we're killing of all our dreams
just 'cause time has chiseled these
wrinkles in our cheeks
and on every T.V. show
they're giving substance the third degree
I can't close my eyes
Can't ignore these messages they're sending me

Why do you want it
to stop, you love it
well I cannot take it
and now I'm stuck here singing
The Burn-out Blues

You're higher
you're mightier than
any of the girls you're fucking
they'll take all your money and run
back to someone less unlucky

I have been a slave to the system for years
I even let you feed me your dreams
Who wants to be a fucking astronaut?
I just want to get my own space
I just want to hang with my friends and smoke weed
but then you'll stop paying me
so when I hear my alarm go off
I'm just going to march back into class and make B's
I'm gonna make C's
Maybe I'll get Z's
or maybe I'll get peace
and I'll go and get some more weed

The nature of existence
it begets the mundane
so God must be bored by now with his eternity game
He'll probably fuck us up to fuck with us
If it means a little fun
and you'll be burning your degrees for warmth
when the Apocalypse comes

Why do you want me
to leave, you love me
I'm done with your hypocrisy
now I'm stuck here singing
the Burn-out Blues
I may not have material wealth
but at least I don't hate myself
your Girlfriend's just a notch on my belt

I wish you well, see you in hell


from MONOliths, released January 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Shaman Jones Columbus, Ohio

Shaman Jones is a 25 year old Singer-Songwriter from Cheverly, MD via Columbus, OH.

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