by Shaman Jones

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released January 5, 2016

All Instruments and Vocals by Shaman Jones*
Produced By: Shaman Jones
Recorded and Mixed By: Brandon Bankes at Earthworks Studios
Mastered By: Chris Graham Mastering
Cover Art by: Michael Lea

*"Pangaea" uses an audio sample from "Envy", © Dreamworks Pictures, 2004
*"Scars" uses an audio sample from "The Professional", © Gaumont, 1994
*"Neptune's Doom" uses an audio sample from "Carrie", © MGM, 1976



all rights reserved


Shaman Jones Columbus, Ohio

Shaman Jones is a 25 year old Singer-Songwriter from Cheverly, MD via Columbus, OH.

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Track Name: Pangaea
Hanna's closet
is bursting with her disguises
she's decided
that it's about time to clean it

One by one
an article sheds
it's importance and
she has a brand new start
I don't think so
no, no so fast
Oh, Pangaea!
was once without divisions
but outside oceans made their way
between the rock-forms and they gave way

You weren't even thought of yet
you weren't even heard of

but how you gonna beat someone without working
(You know, they say the brightest times make for the darkest memories)
and how you gonna try to run without walking?
(And I can't give you anything if I don't give you everything)
Do you even hear me when I'm talking
(I've been telling myself that none of that could've been real)
I know I've been distant, sorry for not calling
(But our fossilized remains remain inside my conscience still)

I don't like you
because you fixed my mirror
I tried to sidestep out of view
and you just moved it over
I was dating myself
but I was fucking you
You told me it had to be
one or the other
I don't think so, no
Not so fast

Oh, Pangaea!
was doomed from the start
when unseen forces ripped it apart
sort of like what I did to your heart

There are no hard feelings
but there should be
I can't sleep at night
'cause you should be with me

I'm just checking in
to see if you're still breathing
I've been alright, I've been an okay guy
but I've been a shitty friend
My friend...
Track Name: The Burn-out Blues
People dance around
make a mockery
of life, then they die
like a microcosm of their whole species
Overlooking the purpose
of necessity
from the middle of a nebula
all you can see outwardly is peace

This should be considered murder
the way we're killing of all our dreams
just 'cause time has chiseled these
wrinkles in our cheeks
and on every T.V. show
they're giving substance the third degree
I can't close my eyes
Can't ignore these messages they're sending me

Why do you want it
to stop, you love it
well I cannot take it
and now I'm stuck here singing
The Burn-out Blues

You're higher
you're mightier than
any of the girls you're fucking
they'll take all your money and run
back to someone less unlucky

I have been a slave to the system for years
I even let you feed me your dreams
Who wants to be a fucking astronaut?
I just want to get my own space
I just want to hang with my friends and smoke weed
but then you'll stop paying me
so when I hear my alarm go off
I'm just going to march back into class and make B's
I'm gonna make C's
Maybe I'll get Z's
or maybe I'll get peace
and I'll go and get some more weed

The nature of existence
it begets the mundane
so God must be bored by now with his eternity game
He'll probably fuck us up to fuck with us
If it means a little fun
and you'll be burning your degrees for warmth
when the Apocalypse comes

Why do you want me
to leave, you love me
I'm done with your hypocrisy
now I'm stuck here singing
the Burn-out Blues
I may not have material wealth
but at least I don't hate myself
your Girlfriend's just a notch on my belt

I wish you well, see you in hell
Track Name: Scars (Move Forward)
You were born pure of heart
and baby you still are
I know you've got those scars
but you did not ask for them
those monsters of men
and women aren't your kin

You just stay where I can see you
'cause you don't know what they are up to
You move forward

You think they think that you're fucking crazy
I can hear your tears
and I'm way over here
and you know if he could he would have saved you
I know this is true you showed me your tattoo

You just stay where I can see you
'cause you don't know what they are up to
You move forward

You have got to keep on breathing for me
Know you thought he'd be your one and only
Ribbon on your heart
you've got your baby
He's sleeping now he's taken his leave
Don't wake him now he's resting in peace
A sleeping Lion
Still has his teeth

You just stay where I can see you
'cause you don't know what they are up to
You move forward
Track Name: Neptune's Doom
I'll sleep with the lights on
If they think that I have fears
then they'll leave me alone
The truth is I only fear
what I don't believe in
and I believe wholeheartedly
that you'll be fine without me

I don't think I'm human
and maligned malevolence
may make me smile
The truth is I just pretend
that I can feel
Like when they stab me in the back
that shit won't heal

What's burning in a heart
a soul stoked with coal
I can die right now
or wait until I'm old

The truth is I'm just a kid
without his imagination
I can't do anything
with these gifts I've been given

See why I can't trust my own mind
tested and dejected
rejecting the times
Days like these I sit here
suppressing a sigh
'cause when I dig my soles in the dirt
burying the signs
I'm burying my mind
burying my time
burying my sighs
burying my life
Track Name: Sunk! (Just Like Her) - Acoustic Version
You can block me out
If you think it might serve me right
but I can take her out
I can do whatever the fuck I feel like
You dumped me remember
Why are you so bitter
I guess you have the right to be angry
but I don't have to care so don't blame me

I can see the sun through Oakleys
and you're still down on both knees
Yes I'm blind but just enough so that it helps me
You're fine but still convinced that you're dying
You're becoming your mother
I remember when you said you would never
You've tightened your own collar
and your bark has shrunk into a murmur

Another member on her ship is the last thing that she needs
It's already sinking

What happened to the girl I fell in love with
she's turned into the one person I've always hated
You were a wind-swept fire
now you're smoldering just like her

You can follow
the jagged steps of a blind man
and find the shortest path
you can try whatever the fuck you think you can
You were raised by a demon
that's an understatement even
she might actually be Satan
and hide her red horns in your basement

Okay I'm just being silly
but for real that woman scares me
How could you give birth to something
and not be inclined to love it
You're becoming your mother
I remember when you said you would never
and you said you were assembled to be torn
but you don't owe her anything for being born